The Business

Schrole provides innovative, technology-based recruitment platforms and consulting service solutions to enable businesses to address staffing challenges and reduce costs.

Schrole has leveraged existing intellectual property and deep education industry knowledge to create a related product and service portfolio with a diversified global revenue stream. This includes the commercialisation of two innovative, low-cost technology solutions to help transform the traditional and antiquated recruitment methods of the education sector. Schrole Connect is an efficient, low-cost recruitment solution for international schools, attracting the best candidates to vacant teaching roles. Schrole Cover services the short-term relief teacher market, reducing a currently painstaking and time-consuming process to fill shortterm vacancies to a result within minutes.

As at 30 June 2017 Schrole’s products were being used by 174 international and domestic schools in 32 countries with a growing database of over 42,000 education professionals.

Schrole has identified two main pathways for immediate growth and expansion:

  • Targeting Australian and international schools, expanding into new markets including the United Kingdom and
  • Expanding Schrole Cover into a number of vertical industries where there is a need to find temporary staff solutions including hospitality, hospitals and local councils.


The Market

It is estimated by The International Schools Consultancy that the international school education market generates US$39 billion in annual fee income. This market potential along with the fact there are currently approximately 8,900 international schools globally and 400,000 international school teachers with 80,000 teacher placements worldwide each year presents a significant opportunity for Schrole.

The Team

Schrole’s Managing Director, Mr Robert Graham, has more than 30 years’ experience in the education sector where he has had direct involvement in recruitment and training as an international school principal and then as owner of an international school recruitment firm prior to developing the Schrole business. Mr Graham is supported by a strong executive team who also have significant industry experience as educators and administrators in international schools, finance and technology.