About Schrole

Schrole is an Australian company that delivers innovative, software-based recruitment platforms and training service solutions. The company has evolved through its depth of knowledge of the Australian and International education sector and is now diversifying its technology and service solutions for other sectors.

Schrole has four product / service divisions:

  • Schrole Connect – an online software-as-service (SaaS) platform that integrates with school websites and enables domestic schools to streamline teacher recruitment and candidate management activities;
  • Schrole Cover – an app-based software platform that engages your preferred relief staff at the touch of a button, avoiding the need for costly SMS and time-consuming phone calls;
  • Schrole ETAS – provides customised training solutions to the education and resources industries. ETAS is nationally accredited and also incorporates Schrole Develop – an expert consulting and professional services business;
  • Schrole Verify – a new standard for background screening in the international schools sector that seeks to simplify and globalise screening with a heightened focus on child protection;
  • ISS-Schrole Advantage – an online software-as-service (SaaS) platform that brings More schools and MORE candidates together, through a comprehensive set of tools to interact to find the best matches. including dashboards and search functionalities, engaging apps, fairs, webinars and virual events. This new ecosystem combines powerful technology and personal service to deliver an optimal experience.

Project updates

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Technology and training solutions customised to meet your needs

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We create online platforms and tech solutions to increase your administrative productivity.

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We will customise an accredited training program to meer the needs of your industry.

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We strive to provide the very best customer service to our clients and users of our products.