I am sure that you have heard that recruitment and marketing are becoming entwined. Posting a job and praying for the right candidate to apply is not going to work anymore (if it ever did)! I am not some guru on this, but I do have a background in both marketing and recruitment and I can say with absolute certainty that the two are becoming one and the same.
Candidates today search for their next position the same way they search for their next car, vacation, house, restaurant, or new smart phone. The next great person you hire will depend on your ability to market yourself apart from the other schools in your space and attract talent at the right moment.
I’d like to introduce you to recruitment marketing and show you how it can help solve your school’s recruiting problems.
By definition, recruitment marketing includes all communications (such as advertising and social media) that a school uses to attract talent. Creating a compelling recruiting message that entices candidates to visit a website (or career page) and keeping that message consistent across all channels are crucial to gaining candidate’s trust.
Depending on your school’s size or the teachers you are trying to reach, you may employ some or all of these recruitment marketing tools (most of which are free):
  • Career Page/Website: In addition to posting open positions and your school values and mission, be sure to include contact details and optimize your site for search engines. Talk to us about using our Connect platform to create your own careers page.
  • Blog: Updating a blog with relevant posts can help attract candidates for hard-to-fill roles by giving them an inside look at the department they will be joining.
  • Job Postings: Beyond listing duties and qualifications, job descriptions should reflect the school’s values and mission and show how each role contributes to the organization as a whole. For more information check out this article.
  • Photos and Videos: Adding images to your schools website or career page or blog brings your school’s culture to life, giving potential candidates an inside view of what it’s like to work there.
  • Social Media: Maintaining a social media presence and regularly publishing content is a great way to amplify your school’s message, brand and recruitment reach.
  • Events: Events can brand your school to talent you’re trying to reach. It allows candidates to not only meet people within your school, but also get an immediate feel for your school’s culture and brand. Job fairs have been one form of this type of marketing function, but that is not the only way to use events.
  • Emails: Emails nurture both passive and active candidates through both automated and personalized messages.
  • Talent Community: Keeping an engaged database of qualified candidates allows you to make hires more efficiently by having an audience that you can target with messages at different points in the hiring process. This is the real reason that we put the global search platform in Connect.
  • Display Advertising: Display ads allow you to be strategic and target passive candidates (unaware of your school/brand) through advertising open positions on competitor pages, running diversity or millennial campaigns, and so on.
The Hiring Funnel

Targeting both active and passive candidates requires a different set of marketing strategies for each audience. For example, passive candidates who are not aware of you might be enticed to apply through display advertisement, while active candidates who are already researching open opportunities could be enticed to apply via targeted emails, newsletters, and job advertisements.


Schrole has created a candidate management/recruitment platform that give international schools access to some of the above recruitment marketing tools. For a free demonstration just click HERE or for more information about building your brand please click HERE
Mike Johnston is the Group Business Development & Strategy Manager for Schrole Group. Schrole created “Connect” as a complete candidate management/recruitment platform. It offers a public facing careers page, a database of teachers that can be approached as a talent community or offered current roles. an application management system that saves time, and an advertising medium that gives you access to a job board, social media and newsletters. We did this because of the unique geographical challenges that international schools face when finding teachers.