Case Study – Mongolia

The challenge

ETAS Group has been working with Oyu Tolgoi and the Ministry of Labour to deliver Australian qualifications in Training and Assessment to over 2000 TVET (vocational) teachers throughout Mongolia.

While TVET Teachers are experienced teachers, many do not hold a qualification in either education and/or their vocational area. Many are self-taught and are therefore replicating traditional teaching methodology.

The objectives

The primary objectives of the program were:
  • To standardise the training methodology throughout the country
  • Introduce the concepts of competency based training and assessment and student centred learning
  • Improve the practical components of vocational training and assessment
This project was implemented through three phases:
  1. ETAS Group directly trained a core group of teachers in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus additional workshops in advanced facilitation skills and planning. This was acheived through translation using local interpreters and translated material. This process was supported by in-school observation sessions and mentoring visits to ensure the concepts were being implemented in the classroom and during practical training.
  2. From the core group, 100 teachers were selected to be “Cascade Trainers” – each Cascade Trainer was required to return to their school and train teachers in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. ETAS Group staff visited each school where training was taking place to moderate the training, provide mentoring support for the Cascade Trainers, to conduct a validation visit once the training had been completed and to provide the final
    signoff for the qualification.
  3. In order to ensure support from the schools ETAS Group trained Training Managers and school Directors in the Diploma of Training Design and Development.
The Impact In Schools:

Mongolia, like many developing countries, does not have a national curriculum for TVET, and training was delivered using traditional teaching methods with a high focus on classroom based learning even for traditional trades.

ETAS Group developed a program based around the Certificate IV Training and Assessment and training was conducted using modelling and explanation of effective teaching strategies, examination and discussion of theory, and practice sessions.

In addition to the content required, additional time was given to discussing and modelling learner focused pedagogy including:

  • Theories of learning
  • Learner characteristics
  • Adult learning
  • Building safe and inclusive learning environments
  • Competency based training within the VET context
  • Training delivery techniques
  • Feedback as part of the learning process
  • Developing & using learning resources and materials

The training has resulted in a nationwide methodological change in practice; implementing group work; interactive training environments and supporting industry engagement programs.

Sustainable implementation through the vocational teacher development centre:

In order to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the TVET Teacher Program, ETAS Group and Oyu Tolgoi worked with the Ministry of Labour to establish a Vocational Teacher Development Centre.

This center was established with the aim of providing high quality, qualification driven, vocational teacher training delivered consistently to new teachers from across the country. Five teachers from the cascade program were selected to run the program under the guidance of specialist staff from ETAS Group.

The program centers around the Training and Assessment qualification and also includes other elements identified as required for new teachers. Training is both classroom and practicum based.

Study tours – Perth and Melbourne

ETAS Group hosted study tours for teachers and directors to help embed the principles and practices delivered in the training.

Specific Objectives:

  • Exposure to a range of practical teaching environments and sustainable organisational practices
  • Engagement with quality practical teaching processes
  • Immersion in a western environment that is a product of sustained quality vocational training

The study tours have resulted in collaboration between schools; improvements in the practical training environments within schools and the establishment of mentoring programs between Australian and Mongolian teachers.

Work readiness program

ETAS Group was contracted to design and pilot a pre-employment work-readiness program for the long-term unemployed and herders of Khanbogd, the village closest to the Oyu Tolgoi mine site.

Many of the candidates had not completed high-school, and had not been employed in modern employment conditions. While these types of programs are commonplace in Australia, this is a pioneering project for Mongolia.

There was a great deal of resistance to the project, created by a lack of understanding, some scepticism and high expectations of international organisations. The strategy to overcome this involved extensive engagement with community groups and local government in order for them to understand the necessity to have basic skills prior to entering a

The program itself was designed to incorporate the principles of adult learning as well as common learner characteristics and behaviours associated with low-socio economic learners. Care was taken to provide a dynamic learning environment, with opportunities to apply the learning through one-on-one coaching and practical placements.

Class times were altered to allow for childcare and travel as public transport does not exist in these remote locations. The course also included basic workplace English and computer skills necessary for general employment in entry level positions.

The project, including learning and assessment material; trainer’s notes and project learnings, was gifted to the Mongolian Government as the model for future programs in other locations throughout Mongolia.

Engagement with private organisations

ETAS Group has provided Australian Qualifications to a number of private organisations in Mongolia, including Oyu Tolgoi and Erdenet Copper Mines.

All participants are issued with Australian recognised qualifications, and programs are exactly the same as those undertaken by their colleagues on sites in Australia.

Qualifications which have been issued in Mongolia include:

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Training Design and Development
  • Certificate I in Resource and Infrastructure Operations
  • Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • Certificate I in Business
  • Certificate II in Business
  • Diploma of Management

Courses are undertaken in English or in Mongolian using interpreters and translated materials.

Providing support for industry groups

ETAS Group developed training pathway documents for the mining industry. This was a joint project with the Mongolian Ministry of Labour, the Mongolian National Mining Association and Oyu Tolgoi.

These training pathways aligned to Australian units of competency. These are standardised across the job role meaning that every site is using the same pathway allowing for easier transitions between sites and teams.

Aligning training requirements to internationally recognised units of competency improves not only the training itself, but the associated area of safety and also improves confidence in the organisations operations. The training pathway documents have been passed onto other industry areas as a template for best practice.

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  • Consultation services in developing vocational training systems
  • Up-skilling teachers and providing sustainable teacher training systems
  • Designing, developing and implementing training programs for specific requirements
  • Working with industry groups to develop training pathways
  • Working with teaching and industry groups to develop competency based curriculum
  • Delivering customised training and qualifications

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