Australian Accredited Leadership & Management Training.

In-person training for your school administrative staff.

Why Invest In Leadership & Management Training?


Increase Staff Retention

Staff stay longer if they are receiving accredited professional development opportunities.

Improve Project Outcomes

Staff learn how to plan and deliver efficient, effective projects.


Boost Team Effectiveness

Staff learn to communicate and work well with others in the projects that their roles require.


Increase Operational Consistency

Administrative processes are operated consistently across your faculty.

What Makes Schrole Training Different?

Customised Training Developed Specifically For International Schools

Our Leadership & Management Training program has been developed specifically for International Schools; supporting your leaders and administrative staff to increase operational effectiveness, closely aligned to your school’s processes.

Training Delivered On Site 

Our trainers work with your staff on-site to deliver full immersion training with a tangible outcome.

Smaller Groups, Greater Retention Rate 

We work with group sizes of  8-12 staff at a time which ensures they get the attention they deserve and retain the training at a higher rate.

Completion of the Program In-Class 

Our Leadership & Management Training program is delivered in its entirety to your staff as project-based learning and on-site. This means, all coursework and homework is absolutely relevant to your own school goals and on completion of the material your staff will finish with accreditation in hand.

What our customers are saying

“The Diploma of Leadership and Management program has had a remarkable influence on the leadership group in EtonHouse China Schools. It has enabled us to being together our leaders to support their leadership development and form a more cohesive network group. The program’s associated coaching component is its undeniable strength. Coaching allows participants to apply the learning directly to their leadership role in the workplace.

I enthusiastically recommend this program to any school that has a commitment to providing quality, professional learning and supporting its staff in leadership and aspirant positions”

Rob Stewart

Executive Principal, EtonHouse Schools, China

“Finally, powerful tools and skills long used by industries outside of education has reached educators. It is wonderful that these are being shared in context of teaching in practical and meaningful ways.”

Eric Sheers

Vientiane International School, Laos

Accredited Schrole Leadership & Management Training

Quality training developed by educators, for educators.

Case Studies

A new team emerges: Windrose Academy (Cairo,Egypt)


Windrose Academy is a relatively new school based in a rapidly expanding area of Cairo. The school is determined to stand out from a crowded market and made it clear through their strategic plan that quality would be their

Principal, Dene Bright, had a clear vision of what his first steps needed to be when he looked at the structure and needs of his leadership team in early 2015.

“We had energy, passion and commitment,” he says. “But we didn’t have experience and that was going to be a major impediment to our leaders being role models and supporters of our younger staff members.”

Windrose Academy’s Principal and Vice Principal, teacher leaders, Business Manager and CEO collectively agreed that they needed a coherent and consistent approach to leadership and management.

With widely varying personal goals, the leadership team needed a program that would focus on the individual and build a common culture of leadership and management across the whole team. The Diploma of Leadership and Management fit the bill perfectly.

The experienced Schrole Group Trainer/Assessor consulted with Dene before creating customised content for a set of four modules which could be delivered over 18 months on site at the school.

The modules provided a quality framework to identify a relevant school based project for each participant, determine a team to work with, and create an effective operational plan.

“This has ticked off lots of our needs,” reports Dene Bright as the program hit the final phase. “We’ve become more effective in collecting and using data. Our team leaders have developed and implemented more strategies for working with their people and our teams are functioning well, delivering enhanced outcomes for our stakeholders”.


Retaining our best talent:  Vientiane International School (Laos)


In a school that was experiencing growth and managing change it was important that the leadership team was a strong and stable influence on the staff.

Director, Greg Smith identified several key elements that he wanted to see in a program to build the strength of his leadership team.

  • It needed to be seamlessly embedded in the school’s professional development processes
  • There needed to be opportunities for current and aspiring leaders
  • The form of the training needed to reflect research and best practice
  • Access to a strong program should become a part of the talent retention and attraction strategy in the school

Getting a program that could be recognised as a pathway to further study was a critical element of that retention strategy.

The links established by Schrole Group to allow credit for completion of the Diploma of Leadership and Management with Australian universities was a real drawcard.

“Not everyone wants to continue their tertiary studies when they are busy working in schools,” says Greg Smith. “But getting credit for your learning when you are focussed on doing what you need to accomplish is way more appealing than Summer School or some unrelated on-line course.”

Offering access to the program to applicants to the school was a deal clincher for some of the best talent. Providing access to the program over 18 months for those highly regarded teacher leaders helped convince them to stay on at the school and provide that consistency in the staff.

A Closer Look: Units Of Focus


Leadership Skills

  • Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • Communicate with influence

Project Management

  • Manage operational planning
  • Undertake project work
  • Manage risk
  • Manage meetings

Leading & Managing Others

  • Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • Manage people’s performance

Progress & Innovation

  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Build and sustain an innovative work environment

Projects can be customised to suit your school’s specific needs.