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Schrole was incorporated on 15 May 2008. On 12 November 2015, Schrole changed its name to Schrole Group Pty Ltd following the consolidation by acquisition of Schrole Pty Ltd (SPL) and ETAS (WA) Pty Ltd trading as ETAS Group (ETAS Group), to create a single provider of integrated and comprehensive software solutions and professional services to the international and domestic schools sector.

SPL was established in July 2013 to target the growing international schools market by developing innovative technical platforms and expert service solutions to assist in responding to issues, challenges and opportunities in schools. ETAS Group was established in 1994 and is an accredited training solutions provider. ETAS has historically serviced the resources industry and in recent years has provided leadership and management courses to the education sector.

On 17 June 2016, Schrole converted into a public unlisted company. On 25 July 2017, the Company change its name to Schrole Operations Ltd.  Further details of Schrole, including historical statements of financial position and comprehensive income, are set out in the Schrole Prospectus.

The General Meeting of the Company will be held at 2 July 2020 at 10am (WST). 

Notice of Meeting - Schrole Group Limited- 20.05.2020 Lodgement final


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