Coherence Making

The default setting of the human mind is to seek understanding by breaking down an idea into fragments that are manageable. That doesn’t work in most organizations where change is messy and complex and interrelated. So, it falls to the leader to create a pathway for followers which does simplify the concept into manageable pieces and yet keeps a strong narrative about how the pieces fit together to form the big picture.

In many ways, the organizations within which we work are designed to fight against the dissonance and chaos that come from implementing change. The easy setting for any group is inertia whereby the organization can wait for the change to peter out or flow around them. However, by creating a coherent narrative that includes all members of the group, a leader can maintain a direction or be a catalyst for reassessment of the current situation so that change continues toward an approximation of the ideal outcome.

If you would like to see some of the premier coherence-makers on the planet in action, you can do so through the Ted Talks. These talks are delivered by people who confront the challenge of making the complex seem simple enough to grasp, while never dumbing down the conversation and with time constraints. Brilliant.

Another source of insight into Coherence Making is in the advertising or public relations industry. Warren Weeks, from Australian-based Cubit Research has produced an interesting framework to look at as you consider how to develop the coherence in your organization.

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