Avoid Resource Allocation Traps
Be aware of resource hogs We have all seen the results of people who build empires and gather resources instead of using them to finish a project. Stay focussed on what the project is designed to achieve and reallocate any unused portion of a resource to a more productive area.
Keep your eye on the big picture It is easy to be diverted when you see a part of a project making a big splash. Don’t forget that your job is to see the macro even when there are beauties in the micro. Be prepared to stop something good to achieve something better.
Use modern tools to undo old thinking Don’t be afraid to use processes that shake up thinking when you are assessing the resources needed. A different perspective can often lead to a clearer vision – and that is what leaders need.
Avoid over-allocation It is easy to see the solution to a challenge as being to pour in more resources, but that often just muddies the waters. Take a rigorous approach to asking the questions “what do you really need and why?”
Don’t believe your own press Timelines and milestones are the first casualty of project planning. Be conscious of the need to adjust and be transparent about what and why. If you need to change an allocation and stretch a schedule, make sure everyone knows, and don’t expect that your initial plans will be perfect.

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