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What makes Schrole Connect different?

Attract better candidates

Attract the best candidates to your school and rate them quickly and easily.

Search only pre-qualified candidates

We collect candidate qualifications and references prior to application, saving you time.


Connect to teachers actively looking for work

Search our database of over 30,000 teachers who are actively looking for placement in an International School.

Benefits for smaller schools

  • Promote your vacancies to our database of over 30,000 candidates.
  • Search for and reach out to candidates based on rating.
  • Showcase your school to potential candidates.

Benefits for larger schools

  • Filter your selection down to only pre-referenced, high quality candidates.
  • Screen and rank candidates pre-selection.
  • Streamline and speed up the recruitment process.

What our customers are saying

“We have found Schrole to be effective and have embedded it into our own website as the place where we post all Faculty vacancies, even when only internal candidates need apply. This fulfills our commitment to Faculty to advertise all vacant positions that arise. For your information, we also use other sourcing channels, and increasingly, online collaborative platforms with varying degrees of structure and depth. Our presence at recruitment fairs is decreasing steadily and now contains more of a PR/visibility flavour than being a main source of talent.”

Bernard Sergant MIC MCMI

Human Resources Director, The international School of Brussels

“We adopted Schrole Connect for our school’s recruitment this year. We have a range of recruitment strategies but were lacking a user-friendly database for us to collect, sort, prioritize and order our candidates. We receive a huge number of applications each year and this can become unmanageable.

Schrole Connect automatically sorts our candidates by vacancy and allows us to order them using various different criteria. We can see all of the information we need at a glance but if we need to go into more detail, it allows us to do that quickly and efficiently.

Schrole also enables our administrators to have virtual discussions with each other about individual candidates. This excellent tool allows us to be more in control of our own recruitment process, it minimises the time we spend on paper shuffling and it allows us to be much more productive.

Graeme Scott

Deputy Head of School at International School of Bangkok

Schrole Connect is a simple and efficient way of housing job applications both for vacant positions and those that are unsolicited. It is user-friendly with effective features and layout and an enormous time-saver.

All candidate details are in one place and questions can be tailored to suit the school’s particular needs. That referees are automatically contacted is very helpful. Schrole Connect has fast become an integral part of our recruitment process.”

Caroline Brokvan

Head of Secondary, Copenhagen International School


Small Schools (less than 500 students)
US$6,000 per year.

All prices include 12 month access to Schrole Connect, including unlimited job postings and unlimited hires with no fees

Medium Schools (500 - 1000 students)
US$8,000 per year.

All prices include 12 month access to Schrole Connect, including unlimited job postings and unlimited hires with no fees

Large Schools (1000 - 2000 students)
US$10,000 per year.

All prices include 12 month access to Schrole Connect, including unlimited job postings and unlimited hires with no fees

Super Schools (2000+ students)
US$12,000 per year.

All prices include 12 month access to Schrole Connect, including unlimited job postings and unlimited hires with no placement fees

All inclusive promotion for your school and vacancies

Highlight your current vacancy on our Connect home page
Let Candidates search for your school on our Featured International Schools page
Send your vacancy out to our database of over 30,000 teachers in our eNewsletter
Receive a discount on Social Media promotional opportunities

Premium advertising packages customised to suit your needs

Promote your vacancy, Showcase your school with a Premium Advertising Package.

Frequently asked questions

How does the reference check system work?

One of the biggest benefits of using Schrole Connect is reference check process we have all candidates go through prior to applying for a vacancy.

This is a confidential process whereby candidates provide two referees in supervisory roles. We then contact the referees directly and have them complete an extensive reference questionnaire which is then used to rank candidates on a scale of 1 to 10.

Candidates do not have access to the reference checks at any stage of the process.

Do you conduct background screening?

Schrole Verify lets you quickly organise screening of current staff or a complete check of any new candidates to confirm their credentials and records. Candidates can also have themselves screened and verifies to validate credibility.

We recommend all our candidates obtain a background screening as part of the application process.

Do we monitor candidates for child protection?

Absolutely. As part of our rigorous reference check process, we ask referees:

  1. Has the candidate ever been reported/investigated for issues regarding child protection?
  2. To your knowledge has this candidate ever been in a situation that may compromise their ethical or professional standing?

If either of these answers receives a ‘Yes’ by either of the referees, the candidate is immediately flagged and must undergo further investigation from our team before being allowed to proceed with their application.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, we are not a recruitment agency. Schrole Connect is part of Schrole Group Pty Ltd and we are a global education solutions provider. We provide innovative technology solutions to candidate recruitment and screening among other products and services.

Can I send emails to candidates?

Yes! We automatically send an email to candidates who have applied for your vacancy to let them know their application has been received. You are also able to email your candidates who have been successful or unsuccessful.

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